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We are experienced and certified lead inspectors, risk assessors and project monitors who believe in helping people find practical and cost effective lead safe solutions.

Our award-winning company website - www.homesafe.org - has been recognized as one of the best sources for straight answers about lead poisoning and lead testing on the web. In fact, the site is frequently the only non-governmental web resource mentioned in official publications.

Since 1996, we have received many inquiries about lead related issues from people all over the U.S. A recurring query has been "Is there a way to take the tests myself?"

While hiring a certified professional is still the best way to go, we realize some people may wish to do preliminary testing on their own. That's why we started LeadTestKits.Com. To give interested individuals the proper supplies and instructions to do it yourself.

Our lead test kits have been designed by a team of certified lead inspectors, risk assessors and project monitors with years of field experience. Members of our team are also experienced trainers who teach lead-related courses to other inspectors, trainees and contractors.

The HomeSafe Environmental, Inc. staff is affiliated with the following organizations: Lead & Environmental Hazards Association; California DHS Task Force: Statewide Task Force, Lead Safe California; Inland Empire Lead Awareness Coalition; Health Advisory Council, Los Angeles County Lead Program; Environmental Safeguards Committee, League of California Homeowners


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