#5a. Carton of 160 LeadCheck® Swabs

Ultimate savings. A carton contains 10 boxes of 16 LeadCheck® swabs, plus test strips and instructions.

LeadCheck® Swabs are based on the reactivity of lead with certain compounds capable of forming strongly colored complexes with lead. When used, a pink color that is specific for lead develops within 30 seconds and is stable for hours. ...MORE INFO

1 Carton (160)
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#6. Powderless Latex Gloves (100/pk)

Powderless natural rubber latex gloves. Use one pair per sample to avoid cross contamination. The physical properties of the material provide excellent flexibility and uncompromised protection with high degree of sensitivity, excellent comfort and feel. Latex out performs other glove materials in terms of elasticity and tensile strength.

NOTE: Should not be used by anyone allergic to natual rubber latex.

100 gloves
$12.95 + S&H

#7. Ghost Wipe Lead Dust Wipes (100/pk)

Wipes meet all ASTM Designation E1792-96E specifications for sampling materials for lead in surface dust. Wipes are 15cm x 15cm, pre-moistened with deionized water and come in individually sealed packets.

(Note: The United States EPA 403 Final Rule (40 CFR 745.63) requires that all wipe samples of settled dust shall be collected using a wipe that meets ASTM E1792.)

$48.95 + S&H

#8. Sample Containers & Caps (100/pk)

50ml Industry standard (Non-Steril) centrifuge (sample) tubes with screw on cap.

Tubes are made from high quality polypropylene and are ideal for transporting and collecting samples. These tubes come in bags of 25 with caps.

100 tubes/caps
$49.95 + S&H