Lead Kits

KIT #2. Economy Test Kit

(Same as Kit #1 except material for 20 samples)

These kits includes all the supplies you need to take dust, soil, or paint chip samples. The kits also include step-by-step instructions based on standard industry guidelines.

Who should use these kits:

Homeowners: If your home was built before 1978 and has some (not a lot) deteriorated paint, this kit provides an excellent DIY screening method to help determine if a professional inspection is needed.

Home Buyers: If you are purchasing a home built before 1978, by law you must be given 10 days (or more) to test for lead hazards. If you take the samples yourself, ship them to the lab overnight, and request same day service, you will have the information you need in time.

Landlords: Perfect for testing apartments at turnover.

Contractors/Painters: If you will be doing work on an older building with chipping or peeling exterior paint, chances are the soil is already contaminated. It is a good idea (liability-wise) to be able to show that the contamination existed BEFORE you began the job. Two soil samples per job site should be adequate. (Note: Same day service is available from most laboratories.)

NOTE: Using a DIY test kit is not a substitute for lead testing performed by a certified inspector or risk assessor. However the results of properly performed DIY testing can serve as an excellent screening method to determine what follow-on testing may be required.

Difficulty and Reliability?

To test for lead you take samples - of either dust, soil, paint or water. This kit contains the materials you need to take all but water samples. Clear instructions explain how and where to take samples and how to interpret your lab report. The reliability of your results depends on how closely you follow the step-by-step instructions. If you are careful, your results will be reliable.

You CAN do it!

Lab Costs:

Lab costs are NOT included in the cost of this kit. The main reason is that you may not want or need to take 10 tests or you might want to use an accredited lab in your area. However, the kit does include a lab form and a mailing lable to an accredited lead laboratory. Their lab fees are reasonable and same day service is available. They will mail or fax you your results. (Note: You don't have to use this lab, you can use any lab accredited for lead analyses you wish. )