Lead Test Swabs

LeadCheck® Swabs ...
... are non-hazardous and provide a rapid, sensitive and specific test for leachable lead on any surface ... including toys! When lead is detected, LeadCheck® Swabs turn pink or red on contact, depending on the concentration of lead present. In the vast majority of test situations results are obtained in less than 30 seconds. When detecting low levels of lead, or lead chromate containing pigments, results may take longer to develop. Each kit contains test confirmation cards which should be used to verify test results.

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More about LeadCheck® Swabs

Swab Activation
LeadCheck® Swabs are self–contained test units which provide a rapid, easy to use, sensitive and specific test for lead on any surface. Each swab contains two crushable vials (see diagram).

A lead reactive dye is stored in one ampoule. The second ampoule contains a pre-measured "activator" solution to ensure a proper reaction. When a swab is activated by crushing the vials and mixing the contents, and the tip is brought in contact with lead, a pink (or red) compound characteristic of lead forms. A confirmation card containing a small quantity of lead is included with the product to prove that tests were performed properly.

Principle of Method
LeadCheck® Swabs are based on the reactivity of lead with certain compounds capable of forming strongly colored complexes with lead. When used, a pink color that is specific for lead develops within 30 seconds and is stable for hours.

In defined laboratory tests, LeadCheck® Swabs reproducibly detect down to 2 micrograms of lead. In field tests conducted by two separate, independent inspection firms, LeadCheck® Swabs reliably detect 0.5% lead in paint with virtually 100% accuracy.

Paint - The U.S. Government banned the use of lead in domestic paint in 1978. Buildings built before that time are likely to contain surfaces covered in lead based paint. Levels of lead exceeding one milligram/cm2 are considered to be hazardous by the Federal Government.

Solder - Lead-containing solder is the major source of lead in potable water. In 1986 the U.S. Government amended the Safe Water Drinking Act and banned the use of solder or flux exceeding 0.2% lead content or pipes or fittings exceeding 8%.

LeadCheck® Swabs can be used to detect lead on any surface. This method offers rapid and reliable test for lead in:
  • Imported toys and ceramics.
  • Paint of any color on any surface.
  • Steel Structures such as bridges and water towers.
  • Waste material.
  • Solder and plumbing fixtures.
  • Sand blasting media.
  • Soil and dust.

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